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Marriage for Love and Life Words of Wisdom

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Words of Wisdom

What advice would you give your newlywed self?

Married Couples from throughout the Archdiocese contributed their advice to couples preparing for marriage--and couples living marriage throughout life.

 Anything that is worth having always requires perseverance. Never give up. Always do your best. With God's grace anything is possible.

Like the change of the seasons, a marriage is meant to change over and over. Do not fear the change. Like the seasons, it keeps your marriage beautiful.

Be prepared to share your time, your space, and your love.

Always make time for each other - date nights!

Pray for your spouses. Not only for but with them.

Withholding information is just as deadly as lying - be honest with yourself and your partner.

Keep God first. Be kind. Be thankful for each other. Show your love by example.

To always treat your mate with respect. Love is a two-way road.

Married life is not a wonderful fairy tale where everything is perfect. There are many challenges but by working together we can accomplish anything.

If you really love and respect each other, there is no problem or obstacle you can't overcome together! Especially with God's help!!

You don't have to be competitive… or you don't always have to be right all the time.

Be respectful, kind and loving in the words you say to each other. Open communication is the key to a healthy relationship.

Don't sweat the small stuff!

Talk to each other and trust each other.

Red hot monogamy just keeps getting better - practice often!

The vocation to marriage is about finding joy and fulfillment in giving yourself to your spouse and children more and more each day.

Never take each other for granted - each day encourage each other.

Just because you are angry at each other doesn't mean you don't have love for each other.