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Marriage for Love and Life Words of Wisdom


Topics to Discuss

Discussion Inventories in Marriage Prep

All marriage preparation programs include lots of opportunities for couples to discuss and understand each other better.  Most programs make arrangements for couples to take a discussion inventory - either FOCCUS or FACET -- to facilitate this understanding and communication.

Both of these inventories pose questions that are intended to open up areas for discussion under a number of different topics. There will be opportunities for couples to review their results with facilitators, but they are encouraged to begin a dialogue with each other as soon as they are finished.

Topics include:

  • Family of Origin
  • Roles in Marriage
  • Budget/Finances
  • Values
  • Habits
  • Work/Family Issues
  • Friends and Interests
  • Sexuality/Intimacy
  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Parenting
  • Faith/Practice/Spirituality
  • Catholic Teaching
  • Cohabitation
  • Find insights on all these topics at and