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Marriage for Love and Life Words of Wisdom


Ecumenical and Interfaith

You and your priest or deacon should seek the cooperation and counsel of the minister or rabbi of the non-Catholic party. The minister or rabbi should be made welcome to participate in the wedding ceremony when it is held in the Catholic Church and the priest or deacon will normally accept the invitation to participate in the wedding when it is held in the church of the other party. Even where permission has been granted for you to be married in the church of the non-Catholic party, all of the steps in this policy must be observed. The celebration of marriage between Catholics and non-Catholics should be celebrated outside Mass. The ceremony can be planned to emphasize especially the Word of God where all Christians find a source of unity and strength. Marriage between Catholics and non-Christians will require special planning to ensure sensitivity to the traditions represented.

Since there is such divergence among interfaith couples--from non-religious to active--the priest or deacon assisting you will make every effort to understand your faith commitment as an individual couple. He will make you aware of the opportunities to find common ground to grow together in faith in the special situations you may face coming from different religious traditions.

Helpful resources for couples from different faith traditions

"A marriage between a Christian and a follower of another religion, while not a sacrament, is a holy state instituted by God. It too is a divine gift with sustaining spiritual power." - Follow the Way of Love, U.S. Catholic Bishops

Catholic Beliefs about Marriage