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Marriage for Love and Life Words of Wisdom


A Marriage Building Parish?

Marriage matters to the whole community. Make marriage a priority in parish ministry planning.

Four distinct areas of opportunity for the Church to evangelize and catechize on the Sacrament of Matrimony are presented in the simple Assessment Tool provided here. The tool is divided into the categories of Formation, Preparation, Celebration, and Continuing Education.

How Marriage Sensitive is Your Parish? - An Assessment Tool for Parishes

This parish assessment  tool is designed for parish leaders to analyze and discuss their marriage sensitivity and to set goals for the parish. This is not an all-inclusive listing, nor is it likely that any parish would be able to do all the things listed.

Individuals complete this separately and then compare and discuss the scores. The goal is to stimulate discussion that leads to action. General impressions are welcome.The value rests in the discussion that follows its administration, not in the specific score.

Ideas for Ministry to Marriage - The overall goal is to have a consistent presence in the parish that supports couples in their Christian vocation of marriage.

Such a presence might include these 52 easy-to-impliment ways to reach out to married couples