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Marriage for Love and Life Words of Wisdom

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Retrouvaille retreat for troubled marriages.

To register or obtain more information visit our website at:, call (443) 400-7017, or email:  

The Tribunal invites you to a presentation on the Church's teaching on Marriage, Divorce, and Annulments. 

Learn how the healing grace of Jesus Christ can bring new hope and new life. 

Presentations by Tribunal staff, with opportunity for group question and answer, and private conversation with Tribunal staff and representatives. 

Open to all persons:

*The divorced or those marrying a divorced person

*Those Catholics married outside the church

*RCIA team members and parish staff

*Other interested parties


October 4, 2016                         October 6, 2016                 October 11, 2016        October 18, 2016        

Our Lady of the Fields               St. Agnes                            St. Clare                     St. Casimir                   

Millersville                                 Catonsville                           Essex                         Canton                        

Parish Hall                                Parish Meeting Room         Parish Center              St. Anthony Hall         

7 to 9 PM                                  7 to 9 PM                            7 to 9 PM                     7 to 9 PM                     



October 19, 2016                     October 24, 2016               October 26, 2016          November 3, 2016     

St. Ignatius                               Immaculate Conception     CMOQ                           St. John                       

Hickory                                    Towson                               Baltimore                        Wesminster                              

Madonna RM Parish Ctr          Parish Hall                          Parish Center                The Portico                 

7 to 9 PM                                 7 to 9 PM                            7 to 9 PM                       7 to 9 PM                



November 7, 2016                 November 8, 2016              November 9, 2016           November14, 2016

St. Mary                                 Holy Family                         St. Mary                           St. Louis

Cumberland                           Middletown                         Hagerstown                      Clarksville

Office Ctr, Meeting RM 6       Legacy Rm 1                      Fatima Hall                       Rooms 301 & 302

 7 to 9 PM                              7 to 9 PM                            7 to 9 PM                          7 to 9 PM  

If you have a question, or for directions, or for a private appointment apart from these events,
please call the Tribunal at (410) 547-5533

Single Again Ministry, Our Lady of the Fields
Christmas Potluck Party", Saturday, December 3rd. Single Again Ministry hosts Anne Arundel Single Agains in Fellowship. Open
to ALL Single Agains. Bring a wrapped item valued at $15-$20 to participate in the Yankee Gift Exchange and bring your signature
Potluck Dish to share. For further information contact: Jeanne,

Divorce Recovery Ministry, St. Michael Church, Mt. Airy, MD  
"Goodies and Gluhwein" Fellowship, Wednesday, December 7th, 7 pm. Celebrate the Holidays and see what Resources the Divorce Recovery
Ministry  has to offer. Bring a plate of your favorite holiday goodies to share and enjoy a glass of mulled wine or apple cider. 
Greet & Meet others who are also on the Journey Beyond Divorce, a Journey of Hope and Healing.