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Marriage for Love and Life Words of Wisdom

Organizing for Marriage Ministry

Invite Leader Couples - Recruit married couples with the qualities necessary for partnership with clergy. Select couples from varying age groups and lengths of marriages. Interfaith couples that are active in parish life also may be good choices.

Train Your Team - Register couples for training by the Archdiocese. Besides training, leaders' guides, couples' workbooks, tapes, and other resources are available. Parishes are not limited to a particular book or series, and are encouraged to tailor their program to their local needs. Choose a coordinator couple to manage the program. Provide on-going formation. Information about training.

Design a parish program that meets your local needs -Several options are possible.

Video Resources

Tailor marriage prep sessions to the needs of the couple with free resources from Marriage Ministries (Archdiocese of Chicago). Register to gain access to Supplemental Pre- Cana Videos and Resources for Building Stronger Christ-Centered Relationships at Topics include Children of Divorce, Step-families, African American couples, and more.

Ministry to Marriage


A Video Message from Archbishop Lori to Marriage Preparation Team Couples

Every member of society has a stake in marriage. We need couples to succeed and thrive. Helping couples to establish healthy loving marriges is the best way to assure that their children will grow up with good Christian values. As adults they will more likely choose to love God and respect other people, because they learned this from their parents.

A Community Effort

The witness and friendship of other married couples, as well as the guidance and leadership of priests, deacons, and parish ministers, are essential ways the Catholic community ministers to marriage. Ministry to marriage, throughout the life cycle, is key in Evangelization.

Qualities of Marriage Preparation Team Couples

Tools for Marriage Preparation Teams