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Divorce Ministry

Help for Troubled Marriages

If your marriage is tearing the two of you apart or if there is little or no meaningful communication, consider Retrouvaille. Retrouvaille ("Rediscovery") is a Catholic peer ministry organization that offers a lifeline for couples considering separation or divorce. To talk with someone or to register for a Retrouvaille program, call 443-400-7017. Visit to learn more.


Visit Single Again for resources and events for Separated and Divorced

Catholic Divorce Myths

There is much misunderstanding about divorce among Catholics. The following are Catholic divorce truths:

  • Divorced Catholics are not excommunicated.
  • Divorced Catholics may receive Eucharist and Reconciliation provided they have not remarried civilly.
  • Divorced Catholics are full members of the Catholic Church and may participate fully in the church provided they have not remarried civilly.
  • Children cannot be made illegitimate if a divorced Catholic is granted a declaration of nullity. Legitimacy is a civil matter that is determined by the state and granted to the child upon birth. Once legitimate, it can not be made otherwise.
  • Before a divorced Catholic can marry in the Church, a declaration of nullity must be granted on the previous marriage.